If the hearing aid is not working:
  • Check that the battery is inserted correctly
  • Insert a new battery
  • Remove the tubing from the hearing aid and close the battery door to turn on the hearing aid.
If the hearing aid starts whistling, the problem lies with the tubing.
This could be a result of:
  • Tubing being blocked by wax
  • Tubing being twisted, split or damaged
  • Condensation in the tubing

If your hearing aid is still not working, please contact us or pop into our Resource Centres or maintenance clinics.

If the hearing aid is whistling:
This could be feedback and often occur when placing your hand to your ear to insert the ear piece.
If your hearing aid is beeping:
  • This can be a warning sign that your hearing aid battery is nearly dead.
    Change the hearing aid battery to ensure the hearing aid does not stop working.
  • If the beeping is continuous, this may mean that you have a faulty hearing aid.
    Visit one of our Resource Centres or maintenance clinics to have it checked.


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