Our training packages are designed for everyone. We offer basic sign language courses as well as Deaf awareness training. Our training packages are designed to be fun, informative and thought provoking.


Deaf Awareness Training

Could your organisation do with being more deaf aware? Perhaps you have just employed a Deaf or hard of hearing person and want your staff to understand the challenges your new employee faces.
You might have clients who have a hearing loss.
You might want to improve your customer service skills: 1 in 6 people in the UK have a hearing loss and in a community as connected as the Deaf and hard of hearing community good feedback spreads and creates new business opportunities.
Do you work with people with a hearing loss? Are you struggling to communicate with your client? The skills learnt in our Deaf awareness training sessions are vital for any organisation.


Communication Club

A communication club for both new and rusty signers. Come along and practise your signing skills in a relaxed, informal group. Now available at Worthing and Haywards Heath.


Introduction to Sign Language

Sign Supported English is a Communication tool, it is NOT British Sign Language, although the signs used are BSL signs, the way of using them follows spoken English format. Are you looking to learn a new and exciting language? Are you looking to join a small friendly group of learners? Then our Intro to SSE course is for you.


Lip Reading

Lip Reading is a very important communication skill and is not just used by those with hearing loss. Although many think it is just the ears that are used in understanding speech, the eyes have a big role in registering lip patterns. As hearing worsens, looking at lip patterns becomes more useful. Why not sign up to our lip reading classes to enhance this skill? Using 2 professional tutors, we help to progress understanding of lip reading through a 10 week programme.


Communication Tactics

Action for Deafness is proud to offer a unique training opportunity to all new hearing aid users and their family and friends. Patients are invited to attend a practical course which gives insight into how hearing aids work, what they can achieve and examples of situations where they may be less helpful.


Learn How to Re tube your ear mould

This is our new course running to teach those how to re tube their ear moulds. If you have ever watched your ear mould be re tubed and thought you could do this yourself then why not come along? The course is free at Haywards Heath and Worthing.



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