Tinnitus Support Group

AFD Tinnitus Support Group has been setup in Haywards Heath. The group meet up every 2 months, on the last Wednesday of that month from 1pm – 2pm. Tinnitus support groups are located across of the UK and you can find details of other groups on the British Tinnitus Association website.


What happens in the group meetings?

The Tinnitus Support Group meetings are focused on ways to support people with their tinnitus. Although there is no specific cure for tinnitus at present, there are management strategies that can help  one cope with the tinnitus. Symptoms of tinnitus can vary and many people find it distressing. The Tinnitus Support Group will discuss various techniques that can be used to help those with tinnitus manage their symptoms. This can be looking at sound devices, relaxation strategies, Q & A sessions and most important group support and discussions to share thoughts and ideas.

How do I know if the support group would be beneficial to me?

Support groups are not suited to everyone. You are welcome to come to a session to see if it is right for you.

How do I join the group?

To join the group please contact Action for Deafness
Email: info@actionfordeafness.org.uk
Call: 01444 415582
Fax: 01444 415587

Tinnitus Support Group Meeting Schedule
Wednesday 26th July 1pm - 2pm
Wednesday 27th September 1pm - 2pm
Wednesday 29th November 1pm - 2pm

22 Sussex Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 4EA


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