Action for Deafness is delighted and privileged to have the following Patrons.

Annette Crosbie, OBE

 Annette Crosbie, the Bafta winning actress, has agreed to lend her name and support to AFD Annette has personal experience of deafness and says:

“I have been quite deaf in both ears for a decade now. If I take my hearing aids out, I can’t hear my dogs barking right next to me. Unfortunately, this is often misinterpreted as rudeness or grumpiness. I’m sure a lot of people I’ve unwittingly come across in life have thought ‘what’s her problem?’ because I haven’t actually heard something they’ve said to me.”

Annette refuses to feel stigmatised by her hearing loss and says she hates the notion that there should ever be any stigma attached to wearing hearing aids. She is happy to so anything she can to raise awareness and lending her patronage to AFD will certainly help us to do just that.

Dame Vera Lynn, DBE

Dame Vera Lynn needs no introduction.

She has devoted much time and energy to charity work connected with ex-servicemen, disabled children and breast cancer.

She is held in great affection by veterans of the Second World War and in 2000 was named the Briton who best exemplified the spirit of the twentieth century.

We are proud and privileged that Dame Vera has now agreed to lend her name and support to AFD.

The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames MP

Sir Nicholas was born in 1948 and was educated at St. Aubyns, Sussex, Eton College and Mons Officer Cadet School. He is the son of The Late Lord Soames and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. He is married with two sons and a daughter and lives in Sussex.

After leaving school he was commissioned into the 11th Hussars [PAO] and served in Germany and the United Kingdom. He was subsequently Equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales KG KT GCB.

He worked as a stockbroker before becoming Personal Assistant to Sir James Goldsmith, where he gained valuable experience in the manufacturing, service and finance industries in both the USA and Europe.

Sir Nicholas worked on the staff of a United States Senator in Washington D.C for two years and then joined a firm of Lloyds Brokers as a Director.

Sir Nicholas has been a Member of Parliament for over 27 years.

His hobbies include reading, racing and country pursuits. He has travelled widely.

Sir Nicholas was the first patron of AFD and has always supported the organisation . We were lucky enough to share premises with him and some of his staff in Haywards Heath and we are honoured that he is now a patron.

Judy Parfitt

Judy Parfitt is well known actress who most recently played Sister Monica Joan in "Call the Midwife".

Judy became interested in becoming a patron for AFD after her friend adopted a boy, unaware the boy was profoundly deaf.
He was given hearing aids to help but Judy couldn't help but wonder how frightening it would be to be shut off from the world.
Judy has a mild hearing loss and wishes to support those who can help with hearing loss.

Judy also does a lot of work with Dementia UK and resides in Mid Sussex.


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