How to change a hearing aid battery

The videos below offer tutorials on how to change the battery in a behind the ear hearing aid


When you first receive your hearing aid you will also be provided with batteries. You can obtain replacement batteries by emailing us on or by calling us on  01444 415582. Our lines do get busy, email us if you can.

If you are an AFD patient with private hearing aids, please email us on or by calling us on  01444 415582

You can recycle used batteries your local battery recycling facility, please do not post back to Action for Deafness.

Battery life will depend on the type of battery your hearing aids uses, how frequently you use the hearing aid and the strength of your hearing aid. Your audiologist will make you aware of how long your batteries should last with your hearing aids.

The most common battery used, size 13 batteries with the orange sticker, should last approximately 10-14 days.

Your hearing aid will also beep to alert you that the battery needs changing

For any further information please contact us


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