Hearing aid controls and programmes

Volume Control

Hearing aids have an optional volume control. The audiologist will discuss the use of and need for volume control during your fitting appointment.

To use the volume control, locate the rocker switch found at the back of the hearing aid. A quick press on the top half of the rocker switch will increase the volume and the bottom half of the rocker switch will decrease the volume. If you are adjusting the volume and want to revert back to the original level, you can reset the hearing aid by opening and closing the battery door.

Hearing Aid Programmes

Hearing aids can have additional programmes installed on them. These extra
programmes may increase the efficiency of the hearing aid in different environments.


    Programmes available are:
    • Loop (telecoil)
    • Microphone & loop
    • Full directional
    • Music
    How to change programmes on your hearing aid

    To change programmes on your hearing aid, use the rocker switch located at the back of the hearing aid.

    • Press and hold the bottom half of the rocker switch for 2 seconds.
    • Release your finger from the rocker switch and the hearing aid will beep.
    • The number of beeps will correspond to whichever programme the hearing aid is on. One beep refers to the first programme, two beeps refers to the second programme and so on.
    • If you want to reset the hearing aid to the first programme, open and close the battery door.





    The loop programme works with induction loop systems seen in some shops, cinemas and theatres. Most hearing aids have the capability to have the loop programme. The loop programme will work with induction loop systems. Induction loops work by sound being sent through a wire which then emits the sound directly to your hearing aid. You can tell if there is an induction loop available as this symbol on the right will be displayed. 




      The benefit of the loop system is that it can cut background noise. It can also be a benefit if there are poor acoustics in room, especially in theatres where sounds easily echo, making it harder for you to hear. Your audiologist will discuss if your hearing aid can have the loop programme and if it might be of any benefit to you.

      The microphone & loop programme will allow you to hear from both the hearing aid microphone and from the loop system at the same time. This is useful when you want to be able to hear people around you as well as the sound being transmitted through the loop system.



      The directional programme helps to cut out background noise by only using the front facing hearing aid microphone. This will help hearing aids pick up the sound from the person speaking in front of you.

      The music programme will reduce compression of sounds to allow more variability from your hearing aids which is more suitable for listening to music.


      For any further information on hearing aid programmes, please contact Action for Deafness by email on info@actionfordeafness.org.uk or call us on 01444 415582. 


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