Ear Piece Insertion Technique

If you are struggling to insert your ear piece here are a few handy tips.

To begin the insertion, you need to know which hearing aid is for the left ear and for the right. To do this, open the battery door to reveal a coloured marker. If the marker is blue, it is for the left ear. If the marker is red, it is for the right ear.


Open Fit


  •  Place the hearing aid over the ear
  •  Take the tube and place the dome into the ear canal, give the tube a wiggle to make sure that it has been inserted correctly

  • Curl the tailpiece into the bowl of the ear. This tailpiece holds the aid in place


Ear mould

  • Place the tip of your ear mould into the ear canal, twisting slightly and guiding the mould under the fold of your ear Maneuver the lobe and top of the ear to ensure the ear mould is fully inserted

  • Once the ear mould is placed in the ear correctly, place the hearing aid over the top of the ear

  • The ear mould should be a good fit as seen the photo.



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