Action for Deafness has provided both NHS and private audiology services 
for many years. We are experts at delivering the best service for our customers,
using the most advanced testing equipment and fitting systems.

All our audiologists go through extensive training to deliver the best quality of service
and results to the patient.


Action for Deafness was the first organisation to gain the UKAS accreditation
against the IQIPS standards. This accreditation confirms the quality of the service
that Action for Deafness provides.


We also offers on-going support with drop in services often lead by hearing aid users
where customers can spend time asking questions about their hearing loss
and hearing aids.


Additionally, there are Assistive Listening Devices, Lip Reading Classes and
Sign language classes for those who wish to enhance their communication skills. Find out more on our Training page.


You can see where we offer our Audiology services here.

If you wish to have an NHS audiology appointment, we require a GP referral.
Once your doctor has sent the referral we will then contact you to arrange your first appointment. You have a choice of 
several AFD clinics across Sussex at which to be seen. 

Below is the patient information which explains the process.

  Patient Information

You can download a GP referral form here:

 GP Direct Referral Form

For private audiology appointments, please contact us.

For any other queries, email us at or call 01444 415582

Do you require communication support for appointments?

  • BSL Interpreter
  • Lip Speaker
  • Speech to Text
  • Other Spoken Languages

Please let us know what you need.


If you recently had an audiology appointment with Action for Deafness, why not tell us how we did?








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