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SignHealth is a charity established in 1986, orginally as the Anastasia Trust.  There aim was to improve services for profoundly Deaf people with additional needs. In 1991 they relaunched as Sign, named after sign language which there clients nearly all use. Then in 2005 Sign widened our work from just mental health to all health issues for deaf people, and renamed ourselves SignHealth to reflect that change.

SignHealth have a wide range of services and information such as:

  • BSL Healthy Minds
  • DeafHope
  • Advocacy  & Outreach Services
  • Interpreting Services - InterpreterNow

SignHealth also released the "Sick of It" report in 2014 detailing how Deaf people are at risk of potentially life-threatening illnesses because of misdiagnosis and poor treatment. The cause is a lack of interpreters at consultations, bad access to services, and a shortage of health information in an accessible form.

The full report can be read here: "Sick of It".PDF


For full information about SignHealth, please check their website.

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