New products in for Christmas!

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We have 3 new products available to purchase now in our shop


Amplicom M9000

The Amplicom M9000 is an easy to use smart phone which has a high resolution LCD touch-screen display. It has Android technology but with an Amplicom interface. It displays with tiled layout allowing the phone to be more user friendly. The phone is hearing aid and Bluetooth® compatible with a 5MP camera for high quality images. The phone is 3G and WI-FI compatible.

Doro Magna 4000

The Doro Magna 4000 is a compact unit with high levels of amplification. The volume is easily adjustable using a wheel and there is a boost button allowing the phone to reach up to 60dB. The corded phone has white lettering to allow high contrast against the black phone and with large buttons helps those with visual impairments. The phone is compatible with Caller ID, using the clear liquid crystal screen as a display. There is also a flashing light to match the loud ringer when someone is calling. 

Sound Oasis Sound Relaxer

The Sound Oasis Classic Sound Relaxer is a compact system that delivers 6 different sounds  - Ocean Surf, Stream, Rain, White Noise, Summer Night & Wind for part of your sound therapy. The device has an in-built timer of 30, 60 or 90 minutes or can be left to play continuously. As well as volume control, the device has a "gradual off" that decreases the sound slowly throughout the time schedule


Buy these in time for Christmas now!

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